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Historic Nutbourne Houses: Ebbsworth

1841 No. 1675 on the Tithe Map and included in the census. Occupied by Edmund and Mary Sayers (Farmers) and their children Ann, Sarah, Ellen, Elizabeth and Alfred.
1920s Miss Harley lived here. She was the daughter of Dr Harley of Harley Street in London, and of Beedings Castle, Nutbourne, which was built without wood to counter a fear of fire
1925-1936 Vic Short was born in the NW bedroom in 1925. Later his family moved to Thakeham in 1936. (There is a photo of Mr Short, taken in 2010 at the foot of this page. He also appears in the School Photo on the Old School page of this website.)
1940 to 1970 Ebbsworth became the Glanville family residence. Mrs Glanville kept a scrapbook for the Women's Institute in 1955-6. This original document is now held by the West Sussex County Council Records Office, but we hope to include an extract online in a WI section shortly. The Glanville's son Bill served in the Royal Air Force.
1970s Freddie and Shazi Lambert renovated Ebbsworth and after Freddie's death Shazi opened the garden under the National Gardens Scheme in aid of the Marie Curie Trust.

Ebbsworth, a fine sixteenth century cruck timber frame house, pictured in around 1910

Above: Postcard from 1910.

Ebbsworth in the 1960s, clearly showing the property divided into two dwellings

Above: The house during the tenure of the Glanville family, pictured in the mid-1960s.
At this time it was divided into two dwellings.

Ebbsworth pictured in 2004

Above: the house in 2004

Ebbsworth is an example of an oak cruck timber frame house from the sixteenth century. The lower parts have been replaced by stone taking the plinth to the first floor in most places. The roof has been raised at the eaves, decreasing its angle, to gain more usable accommodation upstairs at the expense of the lifespan of the thatch. It has changed from one dwelling to two and back again, but remains an elegant example of its type, with a magnificent garden.


The internal framing from the galleried centre, pictured in 2015

Above: a view of the internal framing from the galleried centre, photographed in 2015


A feature about Ebbsworth's participation in the National Garden Scheme in 2004, reproduced from the County Times

Above: "Pretty in pink garden welcomes all visitors" article, showing Ebbsworth's garden in 2004.
(With special thanks to the County Times.)


Vic Short in the foreground, in front of Ebbsworth, the house where he was born in 1925 and raised until he was nine.  The photo was taken in 2010.

Above: Vic Short, pictured outside Ebbsworth, his birthplace and childhood home, on a visit in 2010.


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