Welcome to Nutbourne.Org, a community website for the Sussex hamlet overlooking England's South Downs. The site was created by local people predominantly for local people, but everyone's welcome!
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Nutbourne Interactive

An easy way to share news, information and pictures about our village

We've designed this form to allow you to submit information that you would like to be included in the website
whether it is simply information in words, a favourite photograph and something you've been working on in
Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint. This is an easy way to share the minutes of meetings, news of local events
or just snapshots of our lovely village. Simply enter your details, type or cut and paste a message and point to
your files and we'll do the rest! It's as easy as that. (If you prefer you can also send content to us by email.)

If you're sending photos for one of our on-line galleries, you may find it easier to use our special photo form
which allows you to upload lots of pictures at once, rather than having to do them a few at a time.

We'll look forward to hearing from you!

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