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Historic Nutbourne Houses: Darkdean (Nutbourne Place Farm)

1841 No. 1692 on the Tithe Map
1851 Maurice and Charlotte Green (millers loader) and children Ellis, William and Emily
1861 Maurice and Charlotte Green (millers labourer) and children Allan, Arthur and Alfred
1881 Maurice Green (millers labourer) and children Eliza, Arthur and Emma. Notice how the childrens' names change over the years.
1960 The house burnt down. It was eventually rebuilt in the Loxwood area.
1962/3 Nutbourne Place Farm rebuilt new in utility form. Roy and Ede Patten with Brian and Allen
2000 The utility building completely renovated (almost rebuilt) and the old barn renovated as a living area
Darkdean, a seventeenth century thatched cottage at Nutbourne Place, pictured in around 1910


Darkdean pictured in around 1950


Darkdean burning in 1960

The local paper of the day reported: Firemen wearing breating apparatus spent nearly seven hours extinguishing a fire at Darkdene (sic), a 17th century thatched cottage at Nutbourne Place, near Pulborough, on Friday. There was a water tender escape and a Land Rover from the Storrington station, and water tender escapes from Billingshurst and Petworth. The thatched roof of the cottage has been completely destroyed and the building was severely damaged. Station Officer D. Mason, of Storrington, told the Gazette that the firemen worked at Darkdene from 11.40 a.m. until 7 p.m. "There isn't much you can do to save a thatched roof," he added.

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