Welcome to Nutbourne.Org, a community website for the Sussex hamlet overlooking England's South Downs. The site was created by local people predominantly for local people, but everyone's welcome!
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The Common at Nutbourne, a key success of the conservation area, is sometimes a playground and sometimes a tranquil spot. Either way it provides not only a remarkable range of flora and fauna but also a wonderful, natural habitat for wildlifeWelcome to Nutbourne

Nutbourne is a beautiful, vibrant and friendly hamlet in West Sussex, South East England. It boasts a thousand years of history stretching back before the Norman conquest, and has spectacular views across the rolling hills of the South Downs. Our local businesses prove that it's possible to export all over the world while retaining and developing the environment and character of the area. We're proud of our small, unspoilt village that seems a million miles from the hustle and bustle of nearby Horsham, with family homes nestling among farms, workshops and vineyards. We're committed to conserving and enhancing the area.

Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, and to Ms Jilly Marcusson for letting us use the barn at Long Platt. The Minutes, Chairman's Report and Annual Accounts are now available for download in a single PDF. The next meeting of the Nutbourne Residents' Association will be held on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 7.15pm in the Barn at Long Platt. The Agenda will be published closer to the time.

2016 Christmas Newsletter and Social Events Flyer

We recently distributed these documents by email, but have put copies on-line in case you missed them or would like another copy. The newsletter gives updates on several hot topics, including work to speed up the village's broadband, noise and pollution from Gatwick Airport, and the Heating Oil Syndicate that may help you to avoid unnecessary expense. The Flyer shares news of several key social events at the Rising Sun this festive season, and is well worth a look. Also, if you haven't seen them and need warming up on a cold winter's day, why not visit our lighthearted gallery of pictures of the sports day last summer to mark the Queen's 90th Birthday?

Nuts about Nutbourne

Nutbourne's two vineyards export fine wine the world over

We are particularly proud of our 9k Run and Cycle event, which is organised by Jim Hool. Each year the cyclists set off at 11am on a Summer's Day, with the runners following half an hour later. All proceeds are donated to Charity, while all of the participants earn the admiration of the village, and get fit into the bargain!. See News Page and Event Photos.

For more information, please contact nutbourne9k[at]gmail.com.

Our website is a real community venture, with many residents contributing content and ideas. We aim to celebrate our heritage while also keeping up-to-date on planning, conservation and local news. Nutbourne.org is intended primarily for local people who are members of the Nutbourne Residents' Association, but everyone is welcome, wherever you live. You can even visit 'Virtual Nutbourne' on-line until you're ready to pay us a visit and see for yourself.

You're welcome to share your feedback about the website or to contribute photographs, stories or ideas using our new upload links, or simply to register as a friend. We'll do our best to reflect the best of what we receive on-line. One of our goals in laying out the new site is to make it easier to find your way around. To navigate the site, either click a link in the text, or point your mouse to the bright green menu at the top of the page to reveal many more options. Thank you for visiting Nutbourne.org.

Traditional but also practical and up-to-date - a flavour of the diverse unspoilt architecture of Nutbourne in West Sussex

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