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The Common at Nutbourne, a key success of the conservation area, is sometimes a playground and sometimes a tranquil spot. Either way it provides not only a remarkable range of flora and fauna but also a wonderful, natural habitat for wildlifeWelcome to Nutbourne.

Nutbourne is a beautiful, vibrant and friendly hamlet near Pulborough in West Sussex, South East England. It boasts a thousand years of history stretching back before the Norman conquest, and has spectacular views across the rolling hills of the South Downs. Our local businesses prove that it's possible to export all over the world while retaining and developing the environment and character of the area. We're proud of our small, unspoilt village that seems a million miles from the hustle and bustle of nearby Horsham, with family homes nestling among farms, workshops and vineyards. We're committed to conserving and enhancing the area.


The Rising Sun's Charity Competition is selling squares in this grid for &pound2 each in aid of the Sunny Days Children's Fund. Please call into the pub to buy a square, or come to our next meeting to witness the next draw.




Nutbourne Residents' Association

Many thanks to everyone who attended our meeting on Sunday 30 April 2023 at the Rising Sun. The Minutes are now available to download You can also download the agenda and the the Minutes of the AGM from January 2023.


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Behind the scenes our team has been working on the plumbing of Nutbourne.org. While it appears unchanged, it is now hosted with a different supplier to make the pages open more quickly and avoid an increase in hosting costs. In keeping with the latest standards, we have also implemented SSL security. If you are concerned at any browser warnings you may have seen when visiting us, please update your bookmarks to the secure pages by adding an 's' after 'http' and before ':' so http://www.nutbourne.org/index.html reads https://www.nutbourne.org/index.html. One way of doing this is to click and save the link on the left as a bookmark. Next time you visit you will see the reassuring padlock at the left hand side of our address in your browser bar.


Celebrating and fondly remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

One of the highlights of this year's social calendar at the height of the Summer, was the Hamlet's celebration of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's Platinun Jubilee. We had a big turn out for our Street Party, with everyone raising a glass and tucking in to celebrate the Sovereign's remarkable service to the nation, and her extraordinary energy and dedication to duty despite advancing years. For the great majority of residents Elizabeth had always been Queen and remained an inspiration, with a hundredth birthday celebration on the horizon in under four year's time.


A village united in admiration and gratitude for the remarkable service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as the she celebrated her seventy years on the throne as a Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. With streets closed and a plentiful spread we were all able to raise a glass and say a special thank-you.

There are extra pictures on our Latest News page.

On Platinum Jubilee Day we all secretly believed that the Queen would go on forever. But, despite our sadness, on reflection having your last winner at the races just two days before passing away signifies a life well lived.  It made us smile to think that Adam Kirby in the Queen's Colours rode Her final winner, Love Affairs, right here in West Sussex at Glorious Goodwood on September 9th.

The pictures below celebrate Her Majesty's lifelong commitment to West Sussex, a County which she visited many times. From left to right, Chad Valley dolls of the Royal Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose, commissioned by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother from the Chad Valley Toy Company, which was rewarded with a Royal Warrant ("Tate and Lyle") for a fabulous design. In the early 1930s each doll was ten shillings and sixpence (52½p) or you could buy the pair from Chart and Lawrence on the corner of West Street in Horsham discounted from one guinea (21/- or £1.05) to 19/6D (97½p). In the centre, the young princess's first visit to West Sussex at the tender age of two, to the great delight of her grandfather, His Majesty King George V and Queen Mary. The King was convalescing from a serious illness at Craigwell House in Bognor in 1928, which had been designated a temporary Royal Palace. It is said that after spending a day with Elizabeth his health rallied and the road to recovery began. Bognor became Bognor Regis by way of a thank-you. And to complete the picture, the official portrait of the Queen issued for the Platinum Jubilee sitting at her beloved Windsor Castle. She was an inspiration to us all.


Celebrating the extraordinary reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and an association with West Sussex that stretched from shortly after her second birthday in 1926 when she travelled down to visit her grandfather, who was recuperating at Craigwell House n Bognor, to 2017 when she toured Chichester's Theatre. It is said that she smiled from ear to ear when she heard the news that her horse Love Affairs, ridden by jockey Adam Kirby had won at Glorious Goodwood on Tuesday 6th September 2022, just two days before she passed away. (Left and centre images with thanks to the Woolworths Museum, right hand image Crown Copyright, from the resources made available by Buckingham Palace for the Platinum Juvilee celebrations.)


Nuts about Nutbourne

Nutbourne's two vineyards export fine wine the world over


Our website is a real community venture, with many residents contributing content and ideas. We aim to celebrate our heritage while also keeping up-to-date on planning, conservation and local news. Nutbourne.org is intended primarily for local people who are members of the Nutbourne Residents' Association, but everyone is welcome, wherever you live. You can even visit 'Virtual Nutbourne' on-line until you're ready to pay us a visit and see for yourself.

You're welcome to share your feedback about the website or to contribute photographs, stories or ideas using our new upload links, or simply to register as a friend. We'll do our best to reflect the best of what we receive on-line. One of our goals in laying out the new site is to make it easier to find your way around. To navigate the site, either click a link in the text, or point your mouse to the bright green menu at the top of the page to reveal many more options. Thank you for visiting Nutbourne.org.

Traditional but also practical and up-to-date - a flavour of the diverse unspoilt architecture of Nutbourne in West Sussex

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